How to Cut Your Phone Bill Cost

If you're phone bill is becoming alarmingly high and too much to handle, there is no better time than now to implement changes that will help you significantly cut down on your phone bill. Here are some ways to do exactly that this month and the coming months:

Track your usage

To find a solution for your hefty phone contract bill, you must first find out the root cause of the problem. You can do that by making sure that you are tracking your usage. Start today and try to go over the minutes, texts and data you've used up the past month and hereafter. The trick is to never go beyond what your tariff allotted for your phone services. Otherwise, you'll end up paying for the extra minutes, text and data usage at the regular rate on top of your current monthly bill.

Inquire about promos and incentives

If you've been with your carrier for a while, chances are good that you might be eligible for some incentives. Call customer service now and inquire about promos that you can apply for your plan. Whether it's free texts or additional minutes, grab them because they add up over time.

Switch to another plan

After tracking your usage and you find that your plan isn't right for you, the next best step is to switch to a more suitable plan. The key is to choose a plan that meets your needs to a tee. You might not find it easily but there is always an option that's close enough. Take your time looking around and once you find the right plan, make the switch to save money in the long run.

Take advantage of free apps

Rather than simply rely on your network provider to make calls, you can make use of free apps such as Skype, FaceTime and Google Voice to make free calls. That will lower the number of minutes you are consuming per month and eventually lower your phone bill too. There are also apps which allow you to send and receive free texts. Take advantages of such apps since they're fee anyway.

Don't call toll-free numbers

Contrary to what you may believe in, toll-free numbers are not really free when you're calling them from your mobile phone. Wait until you can get ahold of a landline phone to make that call. Otherwise, you'll pay for every minute you're on the phone with that toll-free number.

Say Goodbye to Extra

If you have extra subscriptions or services that you don't really need, it makes perfect sense to ditch them completely. Extra such as road side assistance, ringtone downloads and more only adds to your increasing phone bill. Cut them out of the plan and just enjoy the basics. You'll surely save a lot of money this way in the long run.

Ditch the contract

When all else fails and your contract continues to give you financial headaches, it might be best to simply ditch the contract for good. You can switch to another low cost plan or change network providers. The key is to shop around, compare your options and from here make a decision.