Phone Contract Tricks for People with Bad Credit

Getting approved for a phone contract when you have bad credit is rarely easy. You’ll struggle and probably get refused more times than you can count. But despite the setbacks, there are different ways you can get around the problem with less to no hassles. Just give the following tricks below:

Apply for Bad Credit Phone Contracts

The best way to get quick approval for your phone contract application even with bad credit is by applying for options designed for people like. There are now more and more providers offering these options. Some may come with higher rates but there are also good providers who mainly want to help people like you get a deal.

Choose the Cheaper Handset

Another trick to get approved fast for a phone contract is to choose a cheaper handset for your plan. When the handset is cheaper, it means a lower monthly fee for your contract. The lower the fee, the better chances you have for approval.

Pay the Upfront Free

You may also opt to pay for an upfront fee. This is the best trick if you really want to get the latest handset but has bad credit getting in the way. By paying an upfront free, you lower the risk for providers. For most of them, lower risks and earning more money are what they most want. So if you have sufficient cash speak with your provider and pay the upfront fee for the phone.

Look for a Guarantor

If you can’t afford the upfront fee but still want the latest iPhone or Samsung, there’s another option that might work. You can bring along a guarantor who will co-sign the phone contract deal with you. The guarantor will act as your provider’s security in the event that you default on the contract. Make sure your guarantor has good credit to meet the eligibility criteria.